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              Hog Industry Hopeful China Will Approve

              Canada’s hog industry is hopeful that China will soon approve Paylean®, a h . . .

              2011-09-27 More

              Challenges of the poultry industry

              In spite of substantial qualitative and quantitative advancements in different s . . .

              2011-09-17 More

              Chinese feed industry meets at ZhengChan

              The Grand Ceremony for the most influential large enterprises of Chinas animal h . . .

              2011-08-24 More

              USDA proposes EU additions to Newcastle

              The US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (A . . .

              2011-08-11 More

              China's share of world aquaculture p

              FAO, the food and agriculture organisation for the UN, credits Chinas vast aquac . . .

              2011-07-26 More

              The FDA's End Game may severely

              The FDAs End Game may severely limit nutritional supplements and natural product . . .

              2011-07-18 More

              New Progress on the South America Market

              SUKAHAN has been exporting since its start in 2004, and has sold our products ar . . .

              2011-07-18 More

              EU backs report in favour of feeding pig

              Members of the European Parliament have backed plans to allow processed animal p . . .

              2011-05-11 More

              Marketing News

              The experiment, which is on SUKAFeed CCL (liquid forms) and SUKAFeed CCP (solid . . .

              2010-03-02 More